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General manager speech

Honored Friends from All Walks of Life:

Thank you for visiting the website of Shenzhen Decoration and Construction Industries Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SDCIC”).

“SDCIC” was founded in 1993 and the first decoration enterprise in the building decoration industry of China. After nearly 30 years of development, the company is welcoming its thirtieth anniversary and has made a certain achievement. We appreciate the attention and support to ‘SDCIC” from all walks of life and appreciate the employees working hard on their posts.

SDCIC, as a senior building decoration enterprise witnessing the reform and opening and the creation, growth, and development of the decoration industry, can better feel the innovation of the industry and find out development prospect of the industry. Therefore in the first year of the “Twelfth Five-Year” plan of China, SDCIC also proposed its own “First Five-Year Plan”, which is to “take the lead with design, take building interior decoration as the guidance, take building exterior decoration and overseas business as the breakthrough, take the standard of annual average growth of 50%, take reform and development as the mainline, take listing as the opportunity, and take the objective of realizing annual gross output of 10 billion within 5 years, to improve the strategic operation ability and core competitiveness of SDCIC and build SDCIC a professional and international leading building decoration enterprise.”

To realize the above objectives, we have established three strategies:

I. Major Client Strategy

We classify customers for management and put more policies and resources to major clients with powerful strength and good reputation, enter into strategic cooperation agreement with major clients with long-term cooperation relationship, high trust, and great coordination to establish long-term and stable business cooperation relationship; and realize optimization of business structure and ensure sustainable, stable, and good development of the business through special management of key clients.

II. Branch Office Strategy

We integrate the original branch offices on the basis of standard operation and establishment of the modern enterprise management mode and in the principle of developing a branch office when it becomes mature. Ten branch offices were established recently in Beijing, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangzhou, etc., and appoint market management and market expansion functions to the new branch offices to preliminarily establish a business network covering China.

III. Design Leader Strategy 

We plan to restructure the design institutes affiliated to our company into independent joint venture and attract more excellent designers and design companies with new office buildings and provide them excellent office environment, competitive salaries, and many substantial value-added services, so as to lead integrated development of the construction business with design.

Voltaire said that: To uphold the cause with great will requires the spirit of persistency. “SDCIC” has always stood on the top of the industry after reformations. SDCIC has always insisted the operation concept of “decorate better world” and the enterprise spirit of “unity, fighting, excellence, and honesty”, and has always considered realization of customer’s dreams as the preconditions and dedicated to “establish a monument through completing a project”.

The key to development is talents. “SDCIC” takes the “People giving full play to their talents can make things better” as the employment guideline and provides a space and platform for employees to give full play to their talents, realize their values, as well as build the excellent team of “SDCIC”.

“SDCIC" wishes to cooperate with excellent enterprises and talents from every walk of life and make joint effort to decorate the nice world.

                                                                                                                                      General Manager Hu Zhengfu










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